Virtual Alcohol Ink Workshop
Jamie Pomeranz

Virtual Alcohol Ink Workshop

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Ready to play with some alcohol inks together?!? Me tooooooooo! I've missed holding these in person so I've finally decided to hold them virtually via Zoom!

So here is the deal, you are welcome to participate in my events a la carte by purchasing them on my website, however, for the same price, you can join 2 of them a month by supporting me on Patreon. At the $25/ month tier, you'll be able to participate in my virtual events as well as my monthly challenges- but that's not even close to all. That Patreon tier has TONS of juicy perks. Check out the link below to see if you're interested in participating regularly and supporting my journey as a creator. Together we can support each other's creativity and keep each other motivated! Meet other aspiring artists and hobbyists in the workshop and watch each other's growth! 

If you prefer to do it once to learn some basics, buy it here and there is no further commitment, but you'll be missing out on a lot of fun!

Every month I will poll the group to see what the best time for everyone is. If you can't make it, you will be able to watch a recording of the event later!

If you purchase the event here, you will be sent a zoom link via email. If you join my Patreon, you will be able to see a link posted as soon as a date is voted on. 

Feel free to shoot me any questions! Hope to see you there!!!!






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