Links & Affiliate Discounts

Hi everybody!

As you know, I love working with all different mediums and surfaces. Sometimes art supply companies offer me the opportunity to try a product for free in exchange for HONEST posts on my social media and website reviews. A few of these companies have offered me affiliate links and promo codes for YOU! Full disclosure, by using my link or code, I will make a percentage of the sale. So it's a win-win for both of us, but I definitely appreciate you using them. My codes will get you discounts on all the brands' products but this does not mean I have tried every single thing- so feel free to reach out and ask me about my experience with specific things. 

ARTEZA: For 15% off use code "DMC1" (works on both the US and UK site)

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UK: click here


CRAFT SHOP METALS: For 10% off use code "DMCJAMIE"

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