Shopping Lists & Affiliate Discounts

We all know how much fun art supply shopping is. You can support me as an artist by using my affiliate links in these art stores that you're probably shopping in anyway. I get a little commission, and every bit helps! 

MAS Epoxies:

This discount code will give you 10% off and free shipping. Use it at check out with my affiliate links.  "Jamie10" This code is stackable on automatic cart discounts

Click Here for the Mas Epoxy Home Page

Aro Pro Formula: Perfect for top coats, resin crafts, and flood coating/UV protection

Flag System Formula: this is a 2 part purchase. You need the FLAG Epoxy AND the non-blushing hardener to mix with it. I use the Medium, but they also have fast and slow curing formulas. A layer of flag with medium hardener cures in 3.5 hours for me allowing me to do multiple layers in a day. You must top coat with another epoxy for UV protection. 

Table Top Formula Thick low viscosity formula for top coats or when you want the look of a thicker layer. 

Deep Pour Using deep molds and sick of doing all the layers? Deep pour is for you. Super thin, slow curing, doesn't hold bubbles. Perfect for super deep projects.


Amazon Supply Lists: 

Not everything I use is from the art store! Find my hairdryer, random tools, favorite art books and more on my Amazon Storefront


For 10% off use code “devilsmaycare10" Works on both the US and UK site. Go to their homepage with the links below or if you're in the US I added direct product links:

Arteza Home Page US

Arteza Home Page UK

Glitter Jars: Neon/Holographic 54 jars

Holographic Self Adhesive Vinyl assorted tones

Pouring Acrylics: 60 ml set of 32

Mica Powder Jars


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Viviva Watercolor Sheets:

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3D Printed Cups for Acrylic pouring: 15% off use “DMC15” at checkout  click here for LEDBFG's etsy